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NEW Undermine

Ballista is the city of engineers. When four apprentices discover a plot to undermine their city they must use every engineering skill they have learned to repel an enemy far greater than the world has ever seen. Thirteen year old Axel and his friends lean on the capabilities found in each other to fight both the superior numbers of the enemy and their terrible mechanisms of war. Axel must push aside his doubts of incompetence and lean with confidence into the skills and plans of his hands and mind to save the lives trapped behind city walls.

Publication Date: September 2019


Fire in the Sky

Paul Townend has wanted to be a pilot ever since he saw his first plane. So as soon as he turns nineteen, he leaves his farm near Winnipeg to join the Royal Naval Air Service. Within months of enlisting, he is engaging in dogfights over France and the English Channel, including a skirmish with the infamous Red Baron.When Paul returns home to Canada, he's shaken by his experiences but proud of what he and the other pilots have achieved.Packed with nail-biting, high-flying action and fascinating insights into the early days of aerial warfare, Fire in the Sky is sure to be the new favourite of young history buffs and adventure-lovers alike.

Publication Date: 2013

Fire in the Sky

Between Two Ends

When Yeats and his parents visit his grandmother’s creepy old house, Yeats reunites a pair of pirate bookends and uncovers the amazing truth: Years ago, Yeats’s father traveled into The Arabian Nights with a friend, and the friend, Shari, is still stuck in the tales.

Assisted by the not-always-trustworthy pirates, Yeats must navigate the unfamiliar world of the story of Shaharazad — dodging guards and tigers and the dangerous things that lurk in the margins of the stories — in order to save Shari and bring peace to his family.

Publication Date: May 2011

Between Two Ends


Twelve-year-old Jonah and his mother, a well-known photographer, are on a self-healing mission, exploring the natural beauty of the Queen Charlotte Islands. They are each trying in their own way to get over the tragic loss of father and husband who died in a rock climbing accident months before.

One day, a mysterious girl appears wading in the waters near their float house, and an even more mysterious mist saves Jonah from his own plunge off a cliff top, Jonah is plunged into a time travel adventure that takes him back 14,000 years when the Charlottes were one of the stops for the ancient peoples making their way from Asia over the Bering Strait and down through the Americas. It is a time when the seas were much lower than they are in the 21st century because of the proliferation of ice and the different climate - and so the map of the islands had changed significantly.

For Jonah this is a healing quest, teaming with Akilah, the girl from that other time who teaches him survival skills he has never dreamed of. There is menace in the confrontation with the Crossers - more recent arrivals from the Bering Strait - and from all manner of natural hazards. The burgeoning friendship with Akilah arouses all Jonah's generous instincts and yearning for love. Above all, he discovers personal strengths that help him get past the loss of his father, qualities and realizations that he brings back to his mother when the adventure is complete.

Publication Date: February 2009


The Hockey Tree

Illustrated by Brian Deines

• Shining Willow Award Winner

• Chocloate Lily Award Nominee

Owen can’t wait to get to the lake for a day of hockey. As soon as his skates are tied, he’s on the ice. Back and forth he races with his sister and his dad, passing and shooting — until they lose their puck. But the game isn’t over yet. His dad has a plan...

Publication Date: 2006

About The Hockey Tree

First of all…I love hockey! I love playing it and I love watching it. Our son, Owen, plays for a team called, The Thunder Strikers. My wife and I enjoy watching each game and cheering like crazy. Holly, our daughter, is much younger than in the book. But she is very fast for her age and likes to keep up with her brother.

A few years ago, I visited the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto with my friend Paul Kapular. What an amazing place! There was so much to see. I spent a long time staring at the Wayne Gretsky section. There is another part of the Hall where you can try your skills as a play by play announcer. There is a screen in front of you and a microphone. Suddenly, the game is on and you have to try and keep up with the play, calling out the players’ names and saying what they are doing with the puck. Paul was much better than I was. I think the announcers at real games are pretty amazing. It’s a tough job.

One of my favorite things to do is to take a bucket of pucks and skate to one end of the rink. Then, one after the other, really fast, I fire the pucks at the far net. It is such a good feeling when any one of them manages to go in. It’s even better if you take a friend who can fire them back at you!

In the author’s note of The Hockey Tree there are two hockey players mentioned who were born or raised in Humboldt, Saskatchewan: Tony Leswick and Glen Hall. The links below give you a little information about them and their player stats. My favorite part is in the last link, which describes how Glenn Hall shared the Vezina trophy with fellow teammate, Jacques Plante in the same year!

• Legends of Hockey: Tony Joseph Leswick • Legends of Hockey: Glen Hall • Legends of Hockey: Glen Hall, One on One

Brian Deines, who illustrated The Hockey Tree, is also a crazy hockey nut. We talked on the phone for a while and both of us realized how much we enjoy the game. I so appreciate Brian’s ability as an artist. He managed to make each painting on the lake feel cold! Two of Brian’s Hockey Tree paintings are hanging in our house…can you guess which ones? Thanks Brian! You’re amazing! - DW.

The Hockey Tree

One Hockey Night

Illustrated by Brian Deines

Owen and Holly have just moved to Nova Scotia from Saskatchewan and everything is different. There are still boxes to unpack, and playing hockey in their new driveway just isn't the same as skating around the frozen lake back home.

Neighbours come around to help their mom and dad, but with Christmas only a few days away, Holly and Owen really miss the friends they left behind. Little do they know that this year, a special surprise awaits them. On Christmas Eve, their father reveals what could very well be the best gift ever- a brand new backyard ice rink, filled with a whole community of new friends!

With breathtaking artwork and a poignant story filled with holiday spirit, this wondrous new picture book will warm the hearts of all who read it.

Publication Date: September 2010

One Hockey Night