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Literary Agent
  Literary Agent

David Ward is represented by Scott Treimel

One of the toughest jobs in an author’s life is dealing with the publishing machine. Not only can contracts and the business of writing be confusing, but the whole publishing world is so large and complex that having a guide, an advocate, to speak intelligently for you is invaluable. A good agent is worthwhile. The best agent can turn your writing life around.

My writing life turned around after Scott Treimel took me on as a client. Stories became crisper, tighter, and with more variation of perspective under his critical eye. My characters took on more depth. More than anything, I have appreciated his comment: “This needs to be a better book whether we publish it or not!”

Based in New York, Scott understands the publishing world very well. He keeps attuned to the rapidly shifting trends of modern publishing without sacrificing or compromising quality. He considers established and new talent with a recommendation from current clients. - DW

Scott Treimel
st @ ny.verizon.net
434 Lafayette St., New York, NY 10003, United States.


The first edition of Escape The Mask!!

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