About David

On a quiet Sunday afternoon when I was nine or ten years old the horrible truth about Narnia was revealed to me by my older brother: “C.S. Lewis is dead! There are no more Narnian Chronicles.” I was devastated. It was impossible to believe. I wanted the Narnian stories to go on forever. It wasn’t until I was in university that a letter Lewis had once written came to my attention. In it, he told the reader that there were still many Narnia stories yet to be told…only not by him! Narnia would always be there and it would take dedicated writers and readers to tease the stories out. I have treated that letter very seriously. When I write my own stories I can still hear the voice of Lewis in my mind, reminding me of what a good story ought to do and just how real a magical world needs to be. It has been a delight to share the Narnian Chronicles with my own children and to watch them fall under the same spell of wonder that has captured me all these years.

Lloyd Alexander died this year (2007). Although he lived to a ripe old age I was so sad to hear that one of the greatest storytellers of our time had passed away. The voice of Taran and Eilonwy, Coll and Gurgi, has fallen silent. I remember the thrill, the wild exhilaration of standing with Taran on top of Mount Dragon just as one of the Cauldron Born came at him! Ah! And when brave Eilonwy found a horse and entered the battle as a knight. Taran was furious with her…but what a fighter! I remember Taran’s struggle to find himself, to discover his purpose in life. As a young teen, I found Taran such a comfortable friend, for he somehow managed to make as many mistakes as I did.

Of all the characters I have read in stories the name of Frodo stands out from many. Here was a little person, insignificant in the greater scheme of the world, who took on the most difficult task in Middle Earth. Courage, hope, faith, love. What a character. - DW

David Ward
  • Born January 11, 1967, Montreal, Quebec
  • Grew up in British Columbia, next to the mountains and ocean
  • Two brothers, two sisters
  • Married with three children: Owen, Holly, and Tessa
  • Elementary School Teacher for 11 years
  • Worked on a chicken farm
  • Worked as a tree planter
  • Played varsity soccer
  • Stills plays hockey
  • Currently completing a PhD in Language and Literacy
  • Addicted to reading and writing